Where it all began

I am Karungi sheebah Samali, the last born out of five raised by a single mum because my father has never been in my life. we lived in kawempe maganjo in a single room together with my mum, grandmother , cousin and my sibblings. My mother was a very hardworking woman who worked in all coffee industries in kawempe as a casual worker picking out coffee husks. I started work at the age of nine as i worked along with my mum and sibblings in these industries trying to raise extra money for our living. Due to the hardships we went through my sister had to get married at the age of 15 so that she can help mum with us. I studied in Kawempe muslim primary school and joined midland high and later i dropped out in S.2 because we had no money to push me further and we had been kicked out of the single room we rented as well.

So one day i thought of what to do so that i can make a difference in our family, i tried out different petty jobs like tailoring, vending, shop attendant and so many others but still the difference was the similarity.

So one day my childhood friend took me to Eden pub in bwaise to watch karaoke dancers because she knew i was passionate about dancing. I enjoyed and admired the group which was Stingers. When i went back home i told my mum about it because i still wanted to make a difference but she did not believe in what i believed in and thought dancing was a sign of prostitution, so she kicked me out of the house and warned me never to talk to her. It was terrifying because i was scared and had no where to go at that time.

I started sleeping at my friends house as i still went to watch karaoke but later on was chased away so i started sleeping in churches on forms waking up so early so that people don’t find me. we had a family friend who would sneak me into there home and got me some food but one day there mum got to know and i was kicked out again. So i went back to watch the dancers i remember that day after there performance i went back stage to talk to the head of the group. She listened to me and invited me to there trans-day show the next day. I went and after there show she talked to me and invited me for rehearsals in other wads i was given a job.

I then started my carrier as a dancers with the stingers at the age of 15. We used to perform for promotions on top of trucks , miming, back up dancers for artists and around bars in kampala. We used to get big deals in kigali were we performed in the same bar each and every day every time we were there. So i later managed to rent a single room which costed 30000/= in kyebando. I used to perform for 9000/= each day so i tried to manage my expenses and rent.

So one day we had to perform at ceasors palace namugongo. The owner of the place liked the group and started sponsoring us. In 2006 we got a deal were we had to be back up dancers of the obssessions. This was big because every girl at that time wanted to be part of the group and we used to future in their plays as well. So one day one of the members left the group and i was called as a replacement. It was a great opportunity but at the same time a big challenged as i tried to fit in because i had lost all my self esteem and i was always isolated but i officially joined in 2007 and i remember my first time to step on stage was the 2007 street bash.

Due to the fact that i loved dancing and was passionate about what i was doing, working with this group made me stronger and i had belief that one day i would be relevant and bigger. Therefore on the other side Obsessions laid my foundation as a performer.

I started my solo carrier in 2009 and my break through was in 2013 With my hit song ice cream up to date.